moblMD is a communication utility that modernizes and untethers hospital communication

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moblMD searchable directory

Making hospital communication less painful

How does moblMD work?

moblMD searchable directory

Number Lookup

Share commonly used hospital numbers directly to clinician devices

Policies & Info

Distribute the latest hospital and service-line policies

Patient Room Search

Enable inpatient bedside phone dialing without the operator

Save Time

Save clinicians time by reducing calls to the hospital operator

Improve your clinical workflow today

Available for both Android and iOS

COVID-19 Study

In cooperation with the hospital leadership, moblMD was rolled out as a communication tool within UChicago Medicine. During the COVID-19 pandemic it was used to distribute hospital phone numbers and policies to over 1500 employees.

Our manuscript was published in JMIR mHealth in January 2021.


About moblMD

moblMD was developed by Emeka C. Anyanwu during his cardiology fellowship at UChicago Medicine. Tired of calling the hospital operator or looking for numbers on whiteboards and sticky notes, moblMD was developed to share phone numbers and hospital policies from a central easy-to-update repository. As a mobile app, it helps hospital employees find the latest hospital info without drudging through emails or the intranet.

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